Victorian School’s Garden Awards

On Tuesday 29th November 2016, Mr Harrison along with two parents accompanied six students to attend the 39th Annual Victorian Schools Garden Awards Presentation Ceremony. We won the Flemings Nursery Orchard Award which is a voucher to the value of $1,000. We will be creating an orchard at the back of the pine trees and having a working bee in June to plant the trees purchased with the voucher.  Thank you to Carol for submitting the application for this award.

Reflection from Charlie (Year 4):

On the 29th of November, students from Newham Primary School went on an excursion to Melbourne’s Botanic Gardens for a ceremony for the Victorian Schools Garden Awards.  Luckily enough, Newham Primary School won a thousand dollars to plant a fruit orchard.  I give a huge thank you to Carol T for applying for the grant and thank you to Wayne and Mr Harrison for coming with us.  I’m really excited to have fresh fruit to eat at school.


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