The wearing of school uniform is actively encouraged and is compulsory on school excursions.  The school colours are red and black.  Children must come to school neatly and appropriately dressed and with suitable footware (no open toed footware) for playing and participating in physical activities.  It is advisable to send a jumper or bomber jacket each day and a raincoat in the winter months, as the weather is so changeable.  The school red bucket hat is compulsory from September to April.

All uniform items including back packs (except shoes and socks) are available for order through the school.  Orders are processed usually once or twice per term.  A small amount of stock is kept at the school.  Order forms can be obtained from the school office or website.

School back packs, bomber jackets, windcheaters and hats purchased through the school have a school logo.  However it is acceptable to purchase these items in the appropriate colours elsewhere without the school name.

Second hand uniforms are available for purchase (gold coin donation).  See the office.

Year Five students are given the option of ordering a Year Six commemorative jacket at the end of Term 4 in the year prior to Year Six.  Details will be sent home to Year Five students in Term 4.

Spare clothes are kept at the school in case of emergency.  If your child comes home in any of these clothes, please wash the articles and return them as soon as possible.

ALL ITEMS such as school bags, lunch boxes, drink containers, etc. and ALL articles of outer clothing MUST BE NAMED.  This will speed the safe return of misplaced items.

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