The development of literacy is central to the school curriculum. Literacy involves speaking, listening, reading, writing and viewing. The Literacy Program caters for all students with learning tasks at each child’s point of need. There is a strong emphasis on reading ‘just right texts’ with understanding; a range of comprehension strategies are part of the daily reading program. The literacy block includes a daily writing session with a focus on a strategy to improve content, develop vocabulary and ideas as well as the specific teaching of grammar, punctuation and spelling skills. Oral language skills are also part of the daily program and students prepare and present material orally daily, individually to the whole class or in small groups building to confidently presenting views in short spontaneous presentations in class and running school assemblies by Year 6. In conjunction with tools such as digital technology, we aim to develop the necessary skills of critical literacy, research and effective communication. These aspects are taught in context and with purpose.

It is the goal of the English Program to provide the opportunity for all students to attain the AusVELS outcomes for Level 6 or above at the completion of seven years education at Newham Primary School.
Through the teaching of English it is expected that students will develop-

  • a lifelong love of reading
  • the ability to speak, listen, read, view and write effectively, with confidence, purpose and enjoyment
  • a knowledge of the ways in which language varies according to context, purpose, audience and content, and the capacity to apply this knowledge
  • a knowledge of the linguistic patterns used to construct different texts, and the capacity to apply this knowledge, especially in writing
  • a broad knowledge of a range of texts and a capacity to relate this to aspects of contemporary society and personal experience
  • the capacity to discuss and analyse texts and language critically
  • a knowledge of the ways textual interpretation and understanding may vary according to cultural, social and personal differences, and the capacity to develop reasoned arguments about interpretation and meaning

We recognise and value the importance of a positive and supportive home/school relationship where the school community works towards a shared literacy vision for our students. Newham Primary School nurtures students as learners and communicators who speak with confidence and poise and read and write with enjoyment and purpose.

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