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NPS Wins National Junior Landcare Award

Newham Primary School was the winner of the 2021 Woolworths Junior Landcare Team Award at the National Landcare Awards Gala on 5 August 2021.

With 106 students, Newham Primary School, a small rural school which sits in the shadow of Hanging Rock, has achieved great results with its environmental and sustainability programs.

Newham students have planted indigenous vegetation along a tributary of Deep Creek that abuts the school, creating a nature corridor for local wildlife that connects with the Cobaw Biolink, and have been involved in propagation projects. They also designed and built a frog bog to provide an alternative breeding ground for frogs, which 10 southern brown tree frogs now call home.

The School and Sustainability leaders were delighted to accept this National Landcare Award on behalf of all the students, teachers and community members that have worked on the wetland forest, frog bog and propagation projects at Newham Primary School over past years.

Via video, the School and Sustainability leaders thanked and acknowledged classroom teachers and in particular the previous sustainability teacher Sam Harrison who was the main instigator and provided expertise for environmental projects and 3/4 teacher Sue Hiland and her students who worked on the frog bog.

They also made special mention, thanking the members of the Newham and District Landcare Group for their leadership, support and mentoring, and in particular, Penny and Hilary Roberts, Jim Sansom and the late Jenny Waugh, the Newham Propagation Group and Newham Garden Club.

Lastly, past and current students and families of Newham Primary School and community members were thanked for their hard work on the projects.

The students at Newham Primary School are inspired to continue working with Landcare and the local community on future projects.

NPS Sustainability Leaders and School Leaders

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