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From the Principal

We extend you and your child a warm welcome to Newham Primary School.

We understand that starting in a new school can be an exciting and somewhat daunting experience for your child and for yourself.  Please be assured that every effort will be made by the school to ensure a smooth transition for your child.

Our aim at Newham Primary School is to create a happy, safe and stimulating learning environment that nurtures your child and his/her particular needs in our endeavour to effectively cater for the individuals at our school.  In this respect, our staff will focus on developing your child’s independence, confidence and level of initiative.

You can help us to promote these qualities through your own interactions with your child and the school.  By speaking positively about the school and the teachers you are reinforcing the child’s sense of safety, belonging and school pride.  By assisting in the classroom and asking questions about your child’s learning, you are modelling and reinforcing the message that you value learning yourself.  By following through with school activities at home, you are showing your child that learning takes place everywhere.

We strongly encourage a solid partnership between home and school. This is reinforced through clear and consistent communication that flows in both directions. We encourage you to take an active interest in what is happening within the classroom through regular interaction with your child’s teacher.  Also, our website and weekly online newsletter will inform you about what’s happening across the School.  If you wish to discuss your child’s progress, or any concerns you may have, we encourage you to make an appointment with your child’s teacher as the first point of contact.  They will be more than happy to schedule a meeting or interview with you at an appropriate time.

We take our role in the education of your child seriously at Newham PS and we expect that our parent body is supportive of the programs and policies of the school and the decisions we make in regard to your child’s education and wellbeing. You can assist us to keep improving through providing consistent and constructive feedback so that we can keep providing the very best for you and your child.

I wish you and your child every success and satisfaction in the years ahead at Newham Primary School.

Simone Wood


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