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Homework is intended to provide students with opportunities to build on their learning and development at school as well as helping parents to follow their child’s progress. Teachers will outline to parents expectations of homework at the commencement of each year.


You can also help your child at home by:

  • Praising your child’s efforts so that they continue to gain confidence and accept challenges.

  • Encouraging your child to have a go and to take risks.

  • Making regular times to read together.

  • Looking through the school bag regularly for notices and samples of work.

  • Talking with your child in a positive manner about what occurred at school.

  • Getting to know your child’s teacher and joining in with classroom activities if possible.

  • Taking an interest in school events by reading newsletters and attending functions.

  • Remembering that children all progress at different rates, therefore in your child’s class, students will be working at a range of levels.

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