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At Newham Primary School we embed technology throughout the curriculum in order to provide new opportunities for students to represent their thinking, clarify ideas, make connections, identify patterns, and reflect on their thinking across the curriculum.

A range of keyboard and navigation skills are also taught in a sequence where children experiment and use different common software to create a range of documents. 


Computers are available to teachers and students at all times of the day, while the Grade 5 & 6 students are offered a touchscreen netbook on a full time yearly lease.

We help students to learn how to make good choices and decisions when using digital tools. Students will learn to consider the different ways of managing the interactions between digital systems, people, data and processes and weighing up the possible

benefits and potential risks for society and the environment.

We teach in a cyber-safe context, constantly reinforcing the responsible use of computer technologies during online activities.

If you would like more information about keeping your children safe on the internet and a guide to screen time please go to:

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