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Newham Primary School has been ahead of the game in placing significant importance on numeracy to align with the Department of Educations current priorities.

Our Instructional Model

All Numeracy lessons at NPS follow a clear ‘gradual release of responsibility’ model meaning all lessons are consistent with school priorities and goals. Consistency is key to supporting our students continual focus of being there best!

With considerable input from the work of Di Siemon, Michael Minas, Catherine Attard and George Booker, Newham Primary School has made significant updates to the format of numeracy sessions within our school. We continue to develop our numeracy teaching based solidly on the Big ideas in Number.


What are the big ideas in number?

The Big Ideas in Number is a framework that supports the conceptual development of number sense, which is fundamental to mathematical learning. If students don’t have a solid understanding of these big ideas, their progress in the number strand and mathematics in general will be more difficult.

The Big Ideas in Number teaches the concepts of ‘trusting the count’, ‘place value’ , ‘multiplicative thinking’, ‘partitioning’, ‘proportional reasoning’ and ‘generalising’. As students progress through the school years, these are building blocks to a complete understanding of number sense.


Teachers need to learn to!

Michael Minas and Catherine Attard are exemplary Educators in the engagement of students in mathematics. Newham Primary School staff in 2023 undertook professional development led by Michael and Catherine to further engage our students in the intricacies of mathematics. Below you’ll find a link to Dr Catherine Attards website “Engaging Maths” and Michael Minas’ website “Love Maths”. Both of these professionals have supported our journey to develop a deep, rich and thoughtful numeracy curriculum.


Catherine Attard


Michael Minas



Want to find out more?


Trusting the count


Place Value

Multiplicative Thinking

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