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Specialist Curriculum Subjects

Newham Primary School offers a curriculum in all areas of the Victorian Curriculum program.

In addition there is specialist education in Physical Education, Science, Art, Music and French.


Music is taught as a one hour teaching block each week for all students. The program develops aural skills, musical literacy, computer composition and so much more.

In addition to the school curriculum, we have a choir and a number of visiting tutors who teach a variety of instruments including guitar and keyboard.

Students are given many opportunities to perform in events such as assemblies, concerts and local community events.


Lote – French

The French program at Newham engages children to explore language and develop intercultural understandings. In classes, we develop language skills for everyday activities, to talk about ourselves and to find out about others.

Each week, we enjoy French songs, stories, videos and games, and we draw, write, move and talk in response.

Senior students participate in the Alliance Française Berthe Mouchette French Poetry Competition, where they learn to recite a classic French poem.


Enrichment Programs

  • Enhancement and support programs in Literacy and Numeracy

  • Plant propagation and gardening

  • Water Watch

  • Kitchen Garden Program

  • Instrumental Music Tutors

  • Full Sports and Physical Education program

  • Perceptual Motor Program

  • Camps for every year level

  • Regular excursions and incursions


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