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Outside School Hours Care

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We operate before school 6:45am-8:45am & after school 3:30pm-6:30pm.

School’s OUT! aims to provide a program that supports and encourages all children regardless of age,

gender, religion, culture and ability. At Newham School’s OUT! We believe in bare feet, muddy hands, laughter,

exploring the natural world and respecting it.

​We acknowledge that all children are different. We encourage and celebrate this uniqueness. We believe in


implementing all elements of the NQF with a strong focus on the child's wellbeing. At Newham School’s OUT

We pride ourselves on providing a safe and secure environment in which children may feel confident enough

to challenge themselves, to explore and to grow. We believe that each child and family deserve to have their

differences recognised and celebrated!

Children are given choices and encouraged within the process of decision-making. Daily our experiences are

provided within a flexible environment to allow the participation of all regardless of ability. Emphasis will be

placed on problem solving skills, along with other life skills that impact greatly upon this age group. Our

professional, caring staff will provide continuity in a service that not only follows this statement but becomes like

a second home to all children who enter our doors.

​Contact School’sOUT! on 1300 329 106


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