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Program for Students with Disabilities

The Department of Education and Training is committed to inclusive education in all school environments for students with disabilities and additional needs, providing a range of policies, programs and resources for Newham Primary School to support the delivery of high quality schooling.

The Program for Students with Disabilities supports Newham Primary School to achieve three broad objectives for students with disabilities:

1.       Student learning – support and improve the learning of students.

2.       Student engagement and wellbeing – support the access and participation of students in an inclusive schooling system.

3.       Student pathways and transitions – support transitions for students, into, through and out of school.

Student Support Group (SSG)


A Student Support Group is provided as a cooperative partnership between the parent/guardian/carer(s), school representatives and professionals to ensure coordinated support for the student’s educational needs.

It is the responsibility of the Student Support Group to:


  • Identify the student’s learning and support needs

  • Gather and review information that may help to determine any adjustments to be made to the curriculum, as well as appropriate teaching and learning approaches

  • Provide advice and guidance on an appropriate educational program

  • Undertake personalised learning and support planning for the student

  • Discuss planning with teachers and provide support on the implementation of learning and support adjustments

  • Provide advice to the principal concerning the additional educational needs of the student and the types of resources that will meet these needs

  • Review and evaluate the student’s program once per term, and at other times if requested.

In most instances, parent/guardian/carer(s) of children with disabilities entering Prep will approach schools from mid-the previous year seeking to commence an enrolment and application process.

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