Student Welfare

At the core of our school community at Newham Primary School is the attention on student welfare. We aim to be an inclusive place for all students; a place where they feel safe and supported in regards to their physical health and general wellbeing.

To this end, we have a range of school policies and ensure that all staff are trained and compliant in these areas:

Child Safety

  • Mandatory Reporting – All staff trained and compliant.

  • ChildSafe – we are a registered and compliant organisation.

  • Teacher VIT Registration is compulsory.

  • Working With Children Checks – all adults must have one before they work in the school, including school volunteers.

Student Health

  • Anaphylaxis and Allergy Management procedures.

  • First Aid Treatment and Procedures by qualified staff at all times.

  • We are a SunSmart School.

  • Learning curriculum includes a focus on the benefits of healthy eating, good hygiene, drug awareness and regular exercise.

Physical Environment

  • OHS Committee.

  • Emergency Management systems in place and drilled regularly.

Bullying & Harrassment

  • Bullying Policy is implemented and regularly reviewed.

  • The school is implementing School-Wide Positive Behaviours Support
    (refer to information on the School-Wide Positive Behaviours Support page relating to this).