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Transition Programs

Kinder - Foundation

Four orientation days for new Prep children are held during Term 4 of each school year. 

Information regarding the days and dates can be obtained from the school early in Term 4 of each year. 

Throughout this program parents who have particular questions, or who need further information, are welcome to call the school and talk to the Principal or Prep Teacher.

Years 1-5

Although all students and teachers in the school know each other through whole school activities, there are designated transition days during December. 

Students work in their new class with their new teacher doing a variety of activities to ensure they are well prepared when they start back at school the following year. 


Parents are encouraged to talk to their child’s teacher and/or Principal during November or earlier if they have concerns about their child’s transition process.

Years 6-7

The Years 6-7 transition consists of a visit to one of our providers, Kyneton High School during Term 2. 
This visit is activity based and gives students an understanding of secondary college programs. 

We have close contact with transition co-ordinators from our local secondary colleges and work to ensure our students are well placed in relation to their social needs. 

A state-wide transition day is held for Year 6 students at their new school for the following year in Term 4.

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