Newham Primary School has successfully applied for a grant for a free solar system, from the MASH2 Solar bulk-buy. The MASH2 grant celebrates 100 solar systems being bought in the Macedon Ranges.

 Newham has been very lucky to have the support of Newham and District Landcare’s Propagation Group, the Newham Garden Club and local community, who have committed funds to increase the size of the system that will be installed.

 Mrs Soutter, Principal of Newham Primary School said ‘‘We’re hoping that it will educate the students about thinking about the way they use energy, that we will also think about the other ways to save energy by closing doors, turning off lights and heaters – we should think about all the ways to save energy, as well as relying more on the sun.”

 The money saved from the electricity bills will be distributed to the library and when that is complete, supplying digital technologies for the classrooms. 

As a Resource Smart school, having the solar system will help Newham PS to gain another Resource Smart Star and achieve the Energy Module.

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